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Reggae.ch Radio Show Mondays 10pm
01 September 14
We gonna make a weekly Radio show with music, interviews and more! Every Monday 10pm Swiss Time on www.responsart.com
FAMARA back with new album KARIBU
08 March 14
Famara is back with the 9th album name KARIBU meaning WELCOME. Famara founder and Leader Thomas Nikles is one of the pioneers and most active Swiss Reggae Artist.
Booost album Booost
05 November 13
15 legendary hit-tracks (from Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin) in Reggae. The ex-musician of Moonraisers produced and recorded by P. Brunkow at Damp Studio release their first album.
Fusion Square Garden Album V
28 October 13
Back after 5 years with a new album V. The 12 track album was inaugurated in Mühle Hunziken on 19. october and the band plan to bring their music back on stage!
Positiv Band album Never Know
27 October 13
Recorded between Geneva, Paris and Kingston, this album is an explosive melting pot of roots, reggae, jazz and rock. Featuring the Faya Horns and the legendary drummer Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace !
Dancehall for DVD
31 March 05
Director Jason 'Jay Will' Williams is behind an upcoming DVD documentary which will showcase dancehall music, dancehall culture, and the main players currently involved in the genre.
Williams told THE STAR last week that he has been working on the project for a few months now, and that he had a few more to go before it was complete.

Culture and players

"It's about the culture, and all the players, and their role in what it is today," he explained.

"All the major producers, the artistes, the dancers, even the vendors are involved," he continued.

"We want to show what makes dancehall in Jamaica authentic; what makes it unique; what makes it so special and what the appeal of it is to the rest of the world."

To date, 'Jay Will' has shot several scenes for the documentary at different parties and events in the city, and has interviewed some key subjects in the dancehall game. He noted that with the explosion of locally crafted dance moves since 2003, he has captured many of these moves, and the groups which originated them.

"Dancer Ding Dong hosts this dance segment, where we basically toured the dancehall scene through the eyes of the dancers themselves to give their perspective on things." With the international interest dancehall music has been generating, 'Jay Will' said he hoped to get a varied audience for viewing the documentary when it is complete.

"The aim is to get as wide an audience as possible to see it, whether it be here, overseas, or anywhere," he stated."It is something we would like to see go on a PBS, or on BET. We put it together hoping that it can go on channels like those. Maybe we can pitch it to VH-1 and see if they can it use for a programme on different cultures. Who knows where it will take us?"

'Jay Will' has worked overseas with the MTV network for years before making his entry into the dancehall music video scene roughly two years ago. Since his debut, he has directed some of cable television's more popular videos. Among these are Homie's Girl and Hot Girl by Carl Henry, Losea by Ce Cile and Lady Saw, and more recently the Guala Guala Medley which features Vybz Kartel, Tanya Stephens, Wayne Marshall and others.
Posted by: Hacki
LINK: www.jamaica-star.com/thestar/20050330/ent/ent1....
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