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01 September 14
We gonna make a weekly Radio show with music, interviews and more! Every Monday 10pm Swiss Time on www.responsart.com
FAMARA back with new album KARIBU
08 March 14
Famara is back with the 9th album name KARIBU meaning WELCOME. Famara founder and Leader Thomas Nikles is one of the pioneers and most active Swiss Reggae Artist.
Booost album Booost
05 November 13
15 legendary hit-tracks (from Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin) in Reggae. The ex-musician of Moonraisers produced and recorded by P. Brunkow at Damp Studio release their first album.
Fusion Square Garden Album V
28 October 13
Back after 5 years with a new album V. The 12 track album was inaugurated in Mühle Hunziken on 19. october and the band plan to bring their music back on stage!
Positiv Band album Never Know
27 October 13
Recorded between Geneva, Paris and Kingston, this album is an explosive melting pot of roots, reggae, jazz and rock. Featuring the Faya Horns and the legendary drummer Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace !
DYCR - New Album
17 April 06 DYCR
DYCR strikes hot again with new album and track
Dub poet DYCR has mastered a winning formula of latching on to current topical issues and addressing them with a sly humour and his insistent vocals. His sophomore album Delroy, named after the chart hit of the same name, was recently released by Tads Records.

Packed with nineteen tracks, there is hardly ever a dull moment on this engaging disc. It's laughter non-stop, as DYCR (born Delroy Chandler) takes listeners on a carefully guided tour through his life experiences. His latest exploit, the single Di Tape, on the Downsound label addresses the controversy surrounding videotapes - and the possible contents thereof - which the police took from the home of slain trade negotiator Peter King. Rumour has been rife about the individuals who are said to be featured on those video recordings.

Speaking by phone to the Observer, the dub poet decribed his motivations for the tune. " Well, hearing bout the issue, and hearing all kinda name callin' about who is and who supposed to be on de tape, I figure say people really want to know bout dis tape so the song jus' come to me," he said.
The record, even in these early days, is adding considerable fuel to the controversy, and is reportedly in high demand.
While most of the matters he addresses are serious issues, DYCR uses his paint brush to bring humour to some topics which he feels have been brushed under the rug.

'I did an album in 1997 called Flame Fire for Sound Proof Records. It wasn't officially released, so this album Delroy is actually the first album that has been released', DYCR said in a recent interview.

Delroy, according to DYCR, took some eight months to complete. 'Some of the tracks were produced by Richie Stephens, Bobby Digital did one song, Sugar Roy produced one, and Sly and Robbie also contributed a song. Tads Dawkins produced about four of the songs', said DYCR.

Some of the more familiar DYCR hits which have made their mark on radio and on the charts are included on the album. These include the title track Sucker, Galang Charm, Smikle and Sting. Asked about the absence of his other recent hit Misunderstanding, DYCR explained that Downsound Records (the label to which he is signed) will be releasing an album later this year, which will feature that track.

DYCR made his recording debut in 1996 with the Ossie Thomas-produced To be Saved on the Black Solidarity label. 'That song didn't get much airplay. It was my second single Flame Fire that gave me some attention," the one-time farmer and fisherman from Devon Pen in St. Mary recalled.

"I hope that people will listen keenly to the songs," he says of the upcoming disc. "That way they will have the opportunity of relating to the works. There is definitely something on this album for everyone. I know that they will find something on it suitable for their musical tastes," DYCR commented.
Posted by: Culturewise
LINK: www.jamaicaobserver.com/lifestyle/html/20060410...
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