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2009 Summer Tour Review
3.1. Grabenhalle St. Gallen

Drum Soundcheck Marc-Olivier Savoy

Soundcheck, taskwork for Franco ;-)

in concert

23.5. Moon Reggae Night, Docks, Lausanne

arrival with the legendary green bus

the girls

buy this bag!

soundcheck - serious as usual

in concert

in concert

featuring Jawel

thank you folks!

featuring Junior Tshaka, Shaïna D.

MORE ON: http://www.moonraisers.com/site/page.php?module=news&id=32
Posted: 15 March 10 14H19 Updated: 15 March 10 14H21

Puppet Master @ Paleo

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Posted: 15 September 08 10H25

Rise Up rocks the World
The original Rise Up House Version of Yves Larock and Jaba as singer mash up Europe's top charts.
After 6 weeks Top 40 UK singles charts (Place 13), on UK top radios and TV in Heavy Rotation, the Rise Up virus seams to catch whole Europe, from Portugal, Italy, Malta, Greece, Holland, Sweden ... and now France on M6, MCM and MTV with the video-clip (on youtube over 1 millions views).

Out of Europe Jaba performed in Lebanon Beirut (see Video) and worldwide the reactions off the club DJ's are the same...... never the people sing over a song in a club..... and Rise Up did it!

Jaba performed or will perform in: UK, Portugal, Lebanon, Malta, Greece, Rumania, Albania, Russia where Rise Up is on all radios, clubs and chart......
check out www.myspace.com/jabamusic

As latest news we got Feedback from Miami where Rise Up rocks the biggest club and the list of countries just growing.

Rise Up - CLIP - Yves Larock feat. Jaba

Jaba - Portugal (Check after 4 min...)

Jaba - Lebanon Beirut

Jaba - UK Scotland

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Posted: 22 September 07 00H30 Updated: 22 September 07 00H33

Videos Festineuch
Here two Videos from Festineuch 2007

BIG UP reggae.ch Massive!

White Spliff

Rise Up

more videos on www.youtube.com/moonraisers
check also www.myspace.com/moonraisers

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Posted: 19 July 07 02H46

Listen 2 New Songs
BOOOOM Album : Do the Right Step NO 1
The Album: Do the Right Step is already NO 1 On iTunes Switzerland genres Reggae!

Thanks to all Buyer!

Here 2 full songs from the new album:

White Spliff: www.mx3.ch/play/moonraisers/white_spliff?sid=29628
Puppet Master: www.mx3.ch/play/moonraisers/puppet_master?sid=29629

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Posted: 16 May 07 02H10 Updated: 16 May 07 02H14

New Album - Do The Right Step
Yes!!! the release approach! May 15th on iTunes and may 25th OFFICIAL RELEASE.

You can already LISTEN or DOWNLOAD the medley !

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Posted: 07 May 07 00H45 Updated: 07 May 07 14H59

Album release delayed
First of all sorry for the late communication about the new album. It took more time then expected to get the right sound out of it! But finally we got it!
The digital iTunes release is in april and the CD is for may. We will communicate the exact dates soon!

We are really happy about the result , the objective was to do the best we can. We just worked non stop for months to compose, record, arrange and mix the album. It was a pleasure and lots of fun too.
We call it our "no compromise" album where we include all our knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the last 15 years.
Thats why we call the album "Do the right step".

15 Tracks includes: 11 new songs, 2 Percussion - Didgeridoo, Hotel California and $ Ship. Produced by the Lee Scratch Perry producer P. Brunkow recorded and mixed at the Damp Studio.

The album can also be discovered live, on the promotion tour who start in may.
The 8-11 member band will be on the road and we hope to see you during our concerts. The dates will soon be on our home-page www.moonraisers.com under the chapter LIVE.

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Posted: 16 March 07 15H20

Happy birthday Moonraisers
Today we celebrate our 15th anniversary

15 years of world’n’moonsytle Reggae wouldn’t have been possible without you and here is our gift for YOU: today – and only today – all subscribed members can download the new song ‘Why Take It’ for free, little foretaste of the upcoming album…..

Check: www.moonraisers.com
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Posted: 14 February 07 01H21

15 Years Moonraisers
Moonraisers 15th anniversary

On the 14th february we’ll celebrate 15 Years of Moonraisers!
On this day all subscribed members can
download a brand new song from the new album for free!
> Become Member NOW!

check out: www.moonraisers.com
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Posted: 08 February 07 08H34

Hotel California on iTunes

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Posted: 07 January 07 16H20 Updated: 07 May 07 01H30

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