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Piotr&I-Soulation Updated: 04 November 12 19H53
Hello to all the Reggae people out there.

I just want to have a short introduction of myself.

I-SOULATION is a young reggae artist and riddim producer from the south of Germany. Though born and raised here I always f...
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/Piotr-and-I-Soulation Blog Entries: 4

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share mmonsterbeats Updated: 31 August 12 03H50
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The Key Riddim Updated: 29 August 12 00H24
http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/id511046236?affId=1108120 Koogah Sound Presents a new Productions: The Key Riddim 2012 LANTAN "MORE PEACE" PAD ANTHONY "KEEP IT UP DEH" GLAMARUS "HIGRADE" MOWGLI "HIGHEST GRADE" PRODUCED COMPOSED & MIXED BY ...
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/THEKEYRIDDIM Blog Entries: 1

Lemilk Updated: 28 June 12 07H27
Powered by reggae music
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/lemilk Blog Entries: 10

HOSNY, chanteur, auteur, compositeur, prépare son 4e Album après avoir enregistré ses 3 premiers Albums entre Paris et Kingston avec les Wailers, musicens de Bob Marley. Sa musique authentique, moderne et rebelle, diffuse un message positif d’Amour ...
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/hosny Blog Entries: 11

Ruff Lion Sound Updated: 11 November 11 18H05
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/rufflionsound Blog Entries: 1

Jah Army End of Summer Sale! Updated: 14 September 11 22H16
Maaaaaad discounts at the End of Summer Sale from now on. Only while stocks last. As cheap as it gets! Check www.jah-army.com!
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Jackeywoods Updated: 13 September 11 08H23
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fdsfsd Updated: 17 August 11 18H51
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/christina123 Blog Entries: 1

King Size Sound - Reggae & Dancehall from Berne/Switzerland Updated: 08 March 11 11H36
parties and concerts, insides, vibes and more
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/kingsizesound Blog Entries: 27

MICHAEL DOUM DOUM DREAD Updated: 09 February 11 19H35
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/michaeldoumdoumdread Blog Entries: 1

HALLE W NEWS Updated: 10 January 11 11H59
Halle W is the home of the famous Geneva dubclub sessions and welcome2dancehall parties. through the years we have produced many international soundsystems and artists like : Michael Rose, David Rodigan, Ricky Trooper, Iration Steppas, The Disciples,...
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/HALLE_W Blog Entries: 2

Jeff Grante Updated: 09 October 10 14H51
One Inity One Love One Heart
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/jeffgrante Blog Entries: 1

Moonraisers Updated: 15 March 10 14H21
Moonraisers reggae.ch blog. Some specials for the swiss massive. more on our homepage www.moonraisers.com
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/moonraisers Blog Entries: 18

Rocksteady - Geschichte des Reggae Updated: 26 November 09 11H38
News und Infos über den neuen Film Rocksteady. Rocksteady -Roots of Reggae ist eine musikalische Reise ins goldene Zeitalter der jamaikanischen Musik - mit dabei sind Ken Boothe, Hopeton Lewis, Leroy Sibbles, Stranger Cole, Judy Mowatt, Marcia Grif...
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/rocksteady Blog Entries: 10

Zion Sounds International Updated: 24 November 09 11H33
All the news about Zion Sounds International, Partys, Dances and more!!! One Love!!!
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/zionsoundsint Blog Entries: 2

DamasMusic876 Updated: 14 August 09 05H34
The latest on DAMAS, reggae entertainer living in Kingston, Jamaica.
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/damas Blog Entries: 1

Summerend Festival 2009 Updated: 01 July 09 15H57
L’edizione 2009 del SummerEnd Festival si terrà dal 19 al 23 agosto in Valcellina, a Cimolais (Pordenone). 5 Giorni di Musica e Arte con campeggio! LINE UP 2009 Mercoledì 19 AGOSTO : dalle 16 in poi parata di tutti i gruppi che hanno partecipat...
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/summerend.it Blog Entries: 1

REGGAE-EST.FR Updated: 12 April 09 16H31
As the same spirit as reggae.ch but in a French version, reggae-est.fr represents all the East French reggae activities. Because Local is Vital, Love It !
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/reggae-est.fr Blog Entries: 7

Jahdouproduction Updated: 11 April 09 09H37
Roots Music Production outta Zürich
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/jahdou Blog Entries: 7

Respect Updated: 05 April 09 19H20
Jah people respect is a need ,to overecome the mess we are facing right now There will be no peace ,even love if respect is not observed inside of everyone.Respect = Peace + Love stay blessed in spirit of rasta Babilongo
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/babilongo Blog Entries: 1

Roots Edition Updated: 28 December 08 13H06
Official Blog from the Reggae Band "Roots Edition".
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/rootsedition.ch Blog Entries: 1

Spider Music Updated: 08 August 08 20H29
News from the world
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/spidermusic Blog Entries: 1

Mixtape coming soon, hear more on the artist OR visit his myspace. check discription for details. Updated: 19 May 08 23H10
Hot new artist in the business, celebrating 6 years underground with his new mix tape CD (The Beginning) music of different genre, reggae, hip hop, r&b, and hardcore dancehall music, check out the artist on www.myspace.com/jsmuggla1 the sky is too ...
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/JSMUGGLA Blog Entries: 1

Updated: 19 February 08 18H21
!Zuallererst: "riot shizzle promotion" ist ein pures Vibes-Ding mit nonkommerziellen Interessen! Du planst eine fette Party, weisst aber noch nicht so genau wie und was Du bringen, sondern nur dass Du nicht soviel Geld in die Hand nehmen willst? M...
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/shizzlepromotion Blog Entries: 4

Rafa el Chaman Updated: 10 February 08 20H33
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/rafaelchaman Blog Entries: 1

Bobby Roots Updated: 12 January 08 16H51
Yeah Man, Big up, Maximum Love for my fans and for Jah People, yes I... Give thanks and praises to the Most Hight King, Emmanuel I Selassie I Jah Rastafari... Music is Life and Life is Music...you know...Nuff Respect the Rastaman Blessed Love... ...
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/Bobby_Roots@reggae.ch Blog Entries: 1

Le BlOg De SoLdJaH Updated: 07 December 07 18H49
une personne qui aime tout particulièrement le reggae :)
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/soldjah Blog Entries: 29

Jamafra, vibes across a reggae vibes... Updated: 20 October 07 11H50
JAMAFRA est une association à but non lucratif régie par la loi 1901. Notre association a pour but : De promouvoir la création, la recherche et la production musicale Reggae et de toutes ses déclinaisons ( Roots, Nu-roots, Ragga, Dancehall, Ska etc…...
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/jamafra Blog Entries: 3

Spirit Revolution French Reggae Band Updated: 28 September 07 11H52
Spirit Revolution, c’est le mélange subtil et détonnant du reggae nu-roots et du dancehall. http://spiritrevolution.free.fr
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/spirit-revolution Blog Entries: 8

Baba the Fayahstudent Updated: 20 August 07 21H35
Raggamuffin Deejay from The Skankin'Lion Tribe!
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/fayahstudent Blog Entries: 1

Spirit'S Updated: 07 August 07 20H20
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/spirits Blog Entries: 2

Gideon Production / Reggae Dancehall event- booking and promotion since 1998 Updated: 02 August 07 12H17
Reggae and Dancehall Booking and Tourmanagement Gideon Production ist eine sehr aktive schweizer Reggae Booking Agentur. Im Jahre 2001 gegründet, bietet sie ein umfassendes internationales Artist Roster mit Musikern aus allen Bereichen der Reggae Mu...
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/gideonproduction Blog Entries: 19

Riddin abd selection Updated: 24 June 07 19H51
Il n'arrétera pas donc d'y croire? Croire à quoi? Juste partager les bonnes vibes avec vous, pour l'amour du son, de celui qu'il compose et arrange pour les fervants adèptes du Dub, ou simplement de sa musique
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/aeroroots Blog Entries: 1

reggae-ragga-dub-dancehall-ska Updated: 21 June 07 20H01
I <3 reggae music ! :D
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/reggae-sound Blog Entries: 3

Megabass Reggae Blog Updated: 15 June 07 00H50
Music and Web
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/megabass Blog Entries: 7

GRINDERS Updated: 14 May 07 21H14
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BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/GRINDERS Blog Entries: 27

Jura Reggae Collectif / Event Organisation Updated: 26 February 07 15H08
Le Jura Reggae Collectif à vu le jour vers le printemps 2006. Désireux d'avoir une soirée reggae dans notre pays nous nous sommes regroupés, pour organiser des concerts. Le problème étant au Jura de trouver une salle de concerts adapté...nous profit...
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/jurareggae Blog Entries: 2

CALIMERO'S BLOG Updated: 25 February 07 17H46
Willkommen, bienvenue und benvenuto bei Calimero's Blog. Reinschauen lohnt sich. Hier findest Du laufend neue Konzertbilder deiner Lieblingsartists. BIG UP!
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/calimero Blog Entries: 12

free worlds Updated: 25 January 07 21H30
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/freecams Blog Entries: 1

Music Circle Updated: 22 August 06 15H27
Booking and band management; specialized in Reggae. Realisation of websites, translations
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/music-circle Blog Entries: 3

reggae belgian site Updated: 06 August 06 22H08
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/herbicus Blog Entries: 1

Reggae Updated: 20 July 06 13H18
Reggae hat die Kraft aus Feinden Freunde zu mechen und aus Gewalt Liebe hervorzubringen. Also nutzt diese Kraft in jeder Sekunde euers Lebens
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/reggae-gandalf Blog Entries: 1

OFFBEAT VIBES music promotion Updated: 13 July 06 01H54
OFFBEAT VIBES music promotion
BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/offbeat-vibes Blog Entries: 1

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American airlines (AMR) said on Tuesday, has informed the more than 11000 workers, they may lose their jobs as part of the bankruptcy reorganization, and said it is up to a two percent cut flights for the rest of the September and October. BLOG: blog.reggae.ch/sftgrd Blog Entries: 1

Beats by Dr. Dre Studio performances pretty good in low frequency Updated: 00 99 00H00
Beats by Cheap Studio dr dre studio The iPod appears to have elicited a specific movement in the consumer electronics sector countless corporations out there in a...
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